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Insulated Packaging for Hot or Cold Shipping
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Compact, lightweight and strong thermal shipping solutions

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Cold Chain Insulated Shipping

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Insulated Packaging Supplies

Insulated Box Liners, Insulated Shipping Bags, Insulated Mailers, Thermal Shipping Blankets, Pallet Covers & More

We offer foil bubble wrap insulated packaging supplies for shipping all products, large or small, with benefits that other types of insulating material like Styrofoam shipping boxes and corrugated cardboard just can't match.

Designed just for you, InsulTote insulated shipping supplies make the perfect cost-effective answer.

InsulTote products give you confidence when shipping food, chocolate, medical supplies or any other temperature-sensitive items. Not only do we supply items like insulated shipping bags, insulated shipping box liners and insulated pallet covers, but we pride ourselves in offering custom-tailored solutions to best meet your needs.

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Facts About InsulTote Insulated Shipping Products:

  • Made of reflective insulation that prevents heat intrusion or loss, reducing damage to temperature-sensitive products
  • Reduces freight, material and warehousing costs
  • More environmentally-friendly
  • Wide variety of styles and sizes available
  • Known for our custom-tailored solutions


"InsulTote liners work great to keep my packed lunch cold all morning. I received my first InsulTote liners with mail-ordered chocolate and have pretty much worn them out. I also use them to line my Costco or Trader Joe’s insulated grocery bags. Here in the Phoenix area the extra insulation takes the worry out of getting perishables home cold/safely during our triple digit temp days."

From Chris Davidson Phoenix area AZ
"We love the InsulTote boxes. They keep our cheese cold as well as or better than the ¾-inch Styrofoam boxes we used before."

Robert Stetson, Proprietor
Westfield Farm
"Innovative Energy has been an outstanding company to work with. They have very competitive prices, a great turn-around for production and delivery as well as a very friendly and knowledgeable staff on hand to answer any of our questions."

Andy Schreck Operations Supervisor, McKesson Corp.

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How Reflective Insulation Works

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